The Crompton and Ingram Families

In this section you can view charts of our family tree but first you will see lists of all people or you can find particular people

  • Using the “Surnames” link in the box on the right you go to the full list by clicking the surnames link
  • You find a particular person by using the "Search for Individuals" section
  • Once you have found a person by either method you will see a chart giving a summary of their life events, clicking the tabs at the top of these charts will load a tree chart showing ancestors or descendants
  • NB you should not be able to see information for living relatives
    unless you have a subscription and are logged in
  • You can subscribe or log in in the box on the right - generally you should be a family member or friend

Please note that although I have designed this site to work on all devices from phones to desk-top, this section uses a ready made program which doesn't work so well on a smart phone; it’s not too bad if you are patient.

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