This is the story of my Ingram and Crompton family as far as I have researched.

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This is the story of my Ingram and Crompton families as far as I have discovered. Of course my knowledge is growing from day to day and quite likely there are many mistakes.
I hope other members of my family will enjoy what they find here and will add to it when and where they can. Please contact me if you can help or for any other reason.
Besides the family tree I have included photographs and information explained below.

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A Sort of Blog

A Sort of Blog

This section contains latest news and
developments, general information, etc.,.



In this section you will find the details
and family trees for individuals and families



This section has photographs of families and members.
As far as possible these are named but the places and dates are not always known and are sometimes guessed at.


This section gives main details of the families and indiviuals in my records such as dates and place of birth, family realtionships, etc., in a different format than the Tree section
You will also census details here


Hopefully this section will contain stories, anecdotes and odd pieces of information.